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Access Cinema

There are two things that have kept Newcastle West Film Club going over the years. You the audience and Access Cinema. Many of you may not realise the essential support we receive from them in the background. They curate film lists for us to choose from, take care of copyright and bookings and give us great advice. And when Film Clubs like us are closed they too are impacted. They are launching a campaign to remind us of the importance of film and film clubs and are looking for support to keep supporting us. Hear this lovely interview today with Ryan Tubridy and the makers of a new short film about how much we love film 💓


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Autumn Season 2020-Covid 19

Dear audience. Normally at this time of year we are preparing for the return of our Autumn season in October. However sadly that is not to be this year. We have continued to review the situation however even overcoming the logistics and the uncertainty at the end of the day we do not think we would be able to offer the social experience. And we feel this is the most important aspect of the film club. We will continue to review this but for the moment we will not be back in October. Keep well and we hope to see you sooner rather than later.

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New Year, New Decade and Films Galore

We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2020. And for the decade to come. New Year is a time for new resolutions so if you are looking for a new interest or meeting new people this might be the right time to come to a Film Club screening. Or if you are already an attendee then hopefully we will have the pleasure of your company again this season. If you haven’t been before just to let you know there is no need to book, or to sign up to the club. You can just arrive on the night and entry is on a pay as you go basis of €7 per film.

As ever for Season 24 we have tried to curate a varied season of films that offer different experiences.  You can get a preview of the films here.


Le Brio. Friday 7th February 2020. 8pm

Director: Yvan Attal. 95 minutes, France, Belgium, 2017, Club

Neïla is a first year law student of Algerian descent, who hails from one of the sprawling suburbs of Paris. On her first day at the renowned Assas University she clashes with Pierre Mazard, a controversial law professor. Their public altercation goes viral when Pierre uses language tainted with racist slurs. He is pulled before the School President and given one chance to redeem himself – he must mentor Neïla for an upcoming prestigious debating contest.

The two initially struggle to be in the same room, but slowly they begin to find common ground and warm to one another. Meanwhile Neïla is faced with an identity crisis, as her newfound eloquence alienates her from old friends back home.
Winner – Most Promising Actress, Camélia Jordana, César Awards 2018

“… Jordana and Daniel Auteuil prove to be a winning pair … newcomer Jordana (Cherchez la femme) and veteran Auteuil (Hidden) offering up several juicy verbal bouts alongside a few scenes of genuine emotion.’’
– Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

Presented with the support of the French Embassy and the Institut Françaish9CwClT4.jpegIF_Logo-RVB


Pain and Glory. Friday 6th March 2020. 8pm

Director: Pedro Almodóvar. 113 minutes, Spain, 2019, 16

Veteran director Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) currently suffers many health issues, which he blames for the creative rut he finds himself in. As he tries to recover, he reflects on his life. Whilst recalling memories from the past, including those of his humble upbringing by his doting mother (Penélope Cruz), in the present he reconnects with past friends and lovers. Can this journey help him overcome his physical pain and rediscover his creativity?

Banderas and Cruz, with whom Almodóvar has worked extensively in the past, reunite with the award-winning director, to bring arguably his most personal film to date to the big screen.

Winner – Best Actor, Cannes Film Festival 2019
“★★★★ … life meets art in Almodóvar’s wistful extravaganza. The director delivers another sensuous and deeply person gem as Antonio Banderas’s ageing film-maker faces up to death.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, Cannes Film Festival 2019

“★★★★ Every element of the film is beautifully judged. … But it is Banderas who makes the film fly.” – Donald Clarke, The Irish Times, Cannes Film Festival 2019.


The Peanut Butter Falcon. Friday 3rd April 2020. 8pm.

Directors: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz. 97 minutes, USA, 2019, 12A

Zak, a 22-year-old wrestling enthusiast with Down Syndrome, lives in a retirement home because the state has nowhere else for him. After numerous failed attempts, he finally breaks out and heads cross-country to find his favourite wrestler, The Salt Water Redneck.

Stowing away in the boat of a troubled outlaw named Tyler, Zak manages to convince Tyler to help him get to a wrestling school run by his hero. The two set off on an adventure through the stunning North Carolina Outer Banks. Along the way they hunt, fish, drink and share their secrets. But hot on their heels is nursing home volunteer Eleanor, sent to bring Zak home.

This modern-day Huckleberry Finn type drama is a pure, feel-good adventure.

Winner – Audience Award, SXSW Film Festival 2019

“ … an odyssey audiences won’t soon forget.”
– Peter Debruge, Variety

“★★★★ … Deeply textured, deeply felt Americana.”
– Tara Brady, The Irish Times

“★★★★ … harks back to the ragged romanticism of a Huck Finn adventure … this shambling buddy movie really works.”
– Wendy Ide, The Observer

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Season 23-Rising Up

Hello All. Hope it has been a good summer for you. We always take a break from screening over the summer. However we do take time to plan our Autumn Season-that gets decided in July! This season we have decided to go with a theme-Rising Up. It struck us that there was a commonality between the films of strong spirits and finding solutions and ways through difficult situations.

As always all films start at 8pm but we recommend arriving a little early to enjoy some tea/coffee wine and refreshments available. It can be a lovely opportunity to socialise with friends or meet new people. Entry is €7 and is over 18s only.

Woman at War. Friday 4th October. 8pm

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson. Iceland. 101 minutes. 2018

Meet Halla, a music teacher in her forties. She is a happy, upbeat woman who leads a quiet and routine life. But unbeknown to most she is also ‘The Mountain Woman’: a lone wolf environmental activist who disrupts the operations of an aluminium plant in the Icelandic highlands, by cutting power supply and damaging pylons in acts of industrial sabatogue.

As the authorities intensify their campaign to catch her she recieves an update on a long forgotten adoption application- she has been matched with a four-year-old girl in the Ukraine. Can she reconcile this with her crusade to protect her homeland from big industry or will her efforts destroy her chances of finally becoming a mother?

A funny, moving and utterly unique film.


Foxtrot. Friday 1st November 2019. 8pm

Director: Samuel Maoz. 2017. Israel. 108 mins.

Michael and Dafna Feldmann are informed that their son Jonathan has died in the line of duty while serving in the Israeli army. As they come to terms with the news and prepare for the funeral, they’re informed that a horrifying mistake has been made. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse into Jonathan’s life manning an isolated checkpoint. He and his colleagues never know what will happen when a car pulls up to the barrier…
The new film from Samuel Maoz (Lebanon) is an extraordinary, complex drama that is both a visceral exploration of military life and an emotionally raw family drama. A source of controversy in its native Israel, Foxtrot is a film full of anger and sadness, and one that is as deeply personal as it is political.

Winner Grand Jury Prize, Venice Film Festival 2017


Balloon. Friday 6th December 2019. 8pm

Director: Michael Herbig. Germany. 2018. 125 mins.

East Germany 1979. Electrician Peter Strelzyk and his bricklayer friend Günther Wetzel are tired of the strict Cold War regime under which they live, and want to provide a better future for their families. They come up with a daring plan – to secretly build a homemade hot-air balloon, which will carry them and their families over the border to freedom.

They need favourable weather conditions to ensure that the balloon can transport them safely. But the Stasi has learned of a possible escape attempt and is starting to close in. The families may not be able to wait any longer to pull off their dangerous plan.

Based on true events, Michael Herbig’s thrilling drama recreates this incredible story.

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Access Cinema May Film Tour-Finding Your Feet. Friday 24th May 8pm

The May Film Tour is organised jointly by access>CINEMA and the Irish Film Institute to co-incide with the annual Bealtaine Festival, and features a programme of curated films specially selected with older audiences in mind.
This year Newcastle West Film Club will be screening Finding Your Feet as the selected title from this years tour.
When ‘Lady’ Sandra Abbott discovers that her husband of thirty-five years is having an affair with her best friend she seeks refuge with her estranged, older sister Bif, who lives in an inner city tower-block in North London. As a fish out of water, heartbroken Sandra is confronted by her sister’s bohemian and irreverent lifestyle but is eventually persuaded to join Bif’s senior citizens community dance class. In this hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy, the colorful group of defiant and energetic third-agers show Sandra that retirement is in fact only the beginning, and that divorce might just give her a whole new lease of life and love.
There will be no entry fee for this film. Over 18s only.
For further information you can email ncwfilmclub@gmail.com or you can phone 087 6877970.


Finding Your Feet. Friday 24th May 2019. 8pm 

Director Richard Loncraine. 2017. UK. 101 minutes.

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The Camino Voyage-Eigse at Newcastle West Film Club

Newcastle West Film Club is delighted to collaborate with the Eigse Michael Harnett committee to provide a screening of the wonderful film The Camino Voyage on the 12th April. This event is a taster for the main Eigse festival which will be happening in October. And to make the occasion even more special we will be joined on the night by the director Dónal Ó Céilleachair .
A crew including a Writer, two Musicians, an Artist and a Stonemason embark on the Camino by sea, in a traditional boat that they built themselves on an inspiring, and dangerous, 2,500 km modern day Celtic odyssey all the way from Ireland to Northern Spain. This intimate documentary charts the trials and tribulations of a voyage that in the words of the poet and crew member Danny Sheehy, took “sweat, blood and blisters to complete while deepening and renewing friendships, creativity and spirituality in the process”.
Setting sail in their own handmade traditional boat, called a ‘Naomhóg’ against the backdrop of the vast ocean, Danny and his crew share music, stories and wise words. Joyously adventurous and profoundly ennobled by the task, this eclectic crew shared a remarkable journey.
Winner of many awards including Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature – Dingle International Film Festival.

Friday 12th April. 8pm. Entry €7. over 18s only.

Director Dónal Ó Céilleachair. 2018. 97 mins



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It’s a New Year and a new start for us!

We hope you had a lovely and peaceful Christmas. Welcome to 2019. For us it really is a fresh start as we have moved our screening location. We are delighted to continue to reside in Desmond Complex but we will now be screening in the dining room downstairs. Who knows hopefully another ten years in our new location!

It is business as usual. First Fridays February, March and April, 8pm, entry €7. No booking necessary, just arrive on the night. Venue is wheelchair accessible. For more information you can contact by email ncwfilmclub@gmail.com or by phone 087 6877970.


Leave No Trace. Friday 1st February 2019. 8pm


Director : Debra Granik. 109 mins. USA. 2018
A self contained father and daughter, live happily on the fringes of society. Will, a waR veteran, suffering from PTSD, and his teenage daughter Tom, live in a vast urban park in Portland. Will is vigilant about their camp, their rations and the regular drills they have
to remain undercover. Only leaving the park to collect certain supplies, their bond is apparent and unyielding. Until the authorities discover them and social services intervene. Offering help, imposing compliance and conformity, they are given a new home, and a job and school are arranged. Will quietly prepares for them to disappear again but Tom is beginning to enjoy this world…Sensitive and enthralling with intense and touching performances from McKenzie and Foster.

‘Debra Granik’s follow-up to Winter’s Bone is delicate family drama at heart’
-Tara Brady, The Irish Times

‘a film that never overwhelms but it lingers, leaving its mark on the viewer.’
-Tim Grierson, ScreenDaily

‘A father and his 13 year-old daughter are living in a paradisiacal existence in a vast urban park in Portland Oregon when a small mistake derails their lives forever….Captivating’
-David Edelstein, Vulture


1945. Friday 1st March 2019. 8pm. 

Director: Ferenc Töröc. 91 Mins. Hungary. 2017.

When two black clad men arrive at a country railway station, a classic western set up appears to be unfolding. But it’s 1945 in Soviet-occupied Hungary in the immediate aftermath of World War II, and by their appearance the men are Orthodox Jews. As the two men make their way to town and word of their arrival spreads, there’s a growing panic amongst some of the more prominent townsfolk – especially town clerk, István, whose son’s wedding is later that day…

This difficult, transitional time in Hungary is a period rarely dealt with in cinema, and certainly not with as much clarity, economy and nuance as Ferenc Török displays here. A rare subject too, the grave and sobering issue of how the Gentile population of Nazi-occupied countries behaved towards Jewish neighbours, and how they have, or haven’t, variously, come to terms with a life based on guilt and betrayal. With its monochrome splendour and striking soundtrack, morally compromised townspeople and its tick-tock narrative towards an unknown conclusion, we’re reminded of nothing more than Fred Zinnemann’s taut and masterful High Noon.


Just To Be Sure. Friday 5th April 2019. 8pm

Director: Carine Tardieu. 100 mins France, 2017, Club

Presented with the support of the French Embassy and the Institut Français


When Erwin (Francois Damiens), a bomb disposal expert in his mid-forties, accidentally discovers that his father is not his biological father his world is turned upside down. As well as tracing his dad he has to juggle his daughters unplanned pregnancy and his aspiring relationship with the sparky local veterinarian Anna (Cecile De France), whom, it turns out may or may not be his sister!
With strong performances from all the cast this is a joyful tale with some moments that touch on the farcical and others that are genuinly touching. Director Carine Tardieu delivers a warm poignant human comedy about the challenges of being a parent and having one!
Just to Be Sure is the kind of intelligent and rather artful French comedy that doesn’t come around so often nowadays. Tardieu juggles lots of heavy issues with a supremely light touch, making us laugh about what would normally be a series of tragic events…
-Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter




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After celebrating our 10th Anniversary we now have our 21st Season. What a year.

It’s a big few weeks for us. We had a lovely 10th Anniversary celebration on Friday night. It was good to stop and reflect on the last ten years. We have had 320 people join us at one time or another. We have shown 104 films from 34 countries. We are very proud. We are also very proud that this next season is our 21st!


The Divine Order. Friday 5th October 2018. 8pm

Director :Petra Volpe. 96 minutes, Switzerland, 2017, CLUB.

1971: Nora is a young housewife and mother, living in a quaint little village in Switzerland with her husband and their two sons. The rural area is untouched by the major social upheavals the revolutionary movement of 1968 has brought about elsewhere. Nora’s life is not affected either; she is a quiet person who is liked by everybody –until she starts to publicly fight for women’s suffrage, which the men are due to vote on in a ballot. Despite obstacles and backlash Nora becomes a hero as she overthrows the status quo. Switzerland was one of the last countries in the world to introduce female suffrage. And it is only since 1971 that women have had the right to vote.

Winner, Audience Award, Tribeca Film Festival 2017


Summer 1993. Friday 2nd November 2018. 8pm


Director Carla Simon. 97 mins. Spain. CLUB. 

When six year old Frida’s mother dies from AIDS related pneumonia, she moves from her life in Barcelona to her Uncles Catalonian farm. This new family and her landscape are alien to Frida; she’s afraid of the chickens, she doesn’t know the difference between a lettuce and a cabbage and she has a new, adoring, annoying little sister. While her family’s warmth and love are abundant, their attempts to protect her only increase Frida’s bewilderment and isolation.

This autobiographical first feature explores Frida’s conflicting emotions as she struggles to process her losses and adjust to her new life. The performances of the two children are disarmingly vulnerable and natural in this gorgeous, yet unsentimental film about a child navigating grief.

Best First Feature – Berlin International Film Festival 2017
Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury – Berlin International Film Festival 2017


The Rider. Friday 7th December 2018. 8pm

Director : Chloe Zhao. 104 minutes, USA, 2017. CLUB TBC

Brady is a talented South Dakota bronco rider and horse trainer – cowboys and rodeos are the centre of his world. So when he suffers a near-fatal accident that halts his career, Brady struggles to recover from a serious head-injury that forces him to reevaluate his future.

Chinese-born director Chloé Zhao proves that her acclaimed debut feature Songs My Brothers Taught Me was no flash-in-the-pan, as she returns with another beautifully crafted and absorbing glimpse of “real-life” America in this second feature. Casting non-professional actors as versions of themselves allows her to bring a unique authenticity and intimacy to the story – the result is a powerfully emotional and touching exploration of humanity.

Winner – Art Cinema Award (CICAE), Cannes Film Festival 2018


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10th Anniversary Screening 14th September- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

In September 2008 here in Newcastle West Film Club we had our 1st ever screening. Now we are marking our 10th anniversary and also our 21st season which we think is special so we are going to mark the occasion. Whether you were there for the first night or if this will be your first time we would love you to join us.

We tried to think of what film we might show and after much deliberation we realised we got it right first time around with our opening film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. So we are going for full on nostalgia and going back to where it all began. This film stands the test of time telling the amazing real life story of Jean-Dominique Bauby who was editor in chief of French Elle magazine. The film is based on his memoir which he wrote after having a stroke and being left with Locked in Syndrome. He did so by blinking each letter with his left eye which took him ten months.
For the night that is in it we have a special reduced entry cost of €5 and you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket after that. This is an over 18s event. There is no need to book, just arrive on the night.
Desmond Complex is a wheelchair accessible venue and we have an audio loop.

Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Friday 14th September. 8pm

Director: Julian Schnabel. France. 2007. 1 hr 52 mins. Language: French.

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