Limerick Language Alive Week

We are within hours of kicking off Season 7 and really looking forward to it.
We have a bonus this season! We will be providing a free screening as part of Limerick Language Alive Week. We have recieved funding from Limerick City and County Integration Working Group which allows us to host an event  celebrating the diversity of language and culture. The event will be held on Mon Oct 17th, 8pm Desmond Complex. Admission is free and as always this is an over 18s event.
We are screening the film L’Auberge Espagnole.

L’Auberge Espagnole (Pot Luck)
Dir: Cedric Klapisch France / Spain 2005 122mins Cert: CLUB

‘Xavier, a French economics student is told Spain will be the next hot territory to watch in his field. He enrols in a special programme which will allow him to study for a year in Barcelona and learn the language and live in a flat already shared by six other European students. By the time Xavier returns to Paris he is predictably wiser in the ways of the world, having learned much about female sensibilities from his lesbian roommate, and later practising his new-found knowledge in an affair with a neurologist’s wife. He is also in full communion with his fellow lodgers, convinced that as important as separate identities may be, they are all alike, facing a common future.’
Even better you can check out a trailer for the film

Hope to see you there!

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