NCW Flm Club Announces Season 8

NCW Film Club proudly announces its 8th Season of bringing quality films to the Newcastle West area.

03/02/12 – Parked
02/03/12 – Cell 211
30/03/12 – Honey

Newcastle West Film Club
Desmond Complex Gortboy
Newcastle West Co. Limerick
Phone: 087 687 7970


Special Thanks:
West Limerick Resources, West Limerick Community Development Project, Desmond Complex

All films
(this includes 1 euro daily
 *Hearing loop will be provided at all shows
*Subtitles will be available where possible
*All shows subject to change.
*All shows start at 8:00pm

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Dir: Semih Kaplanoglu
Germany/Turkey 2010 103 min
Starring: Bora Altas, Erdal Besikcioglu, Tülin Özen, Alev Ucarer, Ayse Altay
Language: Turkish

From the complicated relationship between a child and his mother to the story of a
child and his father. The final part of the trilogy arrives at Yusuf’s childhood although
the sense of time and place is deliberately distorted as dream sequences converge
with reality in six-year-old Yusuf’s story. As he goes through the trauma of beginning
school, he refuses to talk and dreams are his only way to communicate. Young
Bora Altaş is remarkable as Yusuf and there is some superlative photography by
Barış Özbiçer. Set in the remote and undeveloped eastern Black Sea region, BAL
is a beautiful meditation on familial love and the mysteries of nature. – 16th London
Turkish Film Festival 2010

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CELL 211

Dir: Daniel Monzon
2009 112 mins
Starring: Carlos Bardem, Luis Tosar, Alberto Ammann, Marta Etura, Felix
Cubero, Antonio Resines, Luis Zahera, Monolo Solo, Joxean Bengoetxea
Language: Spanish
Juan Oliver is knocked unconcious during the prison tour on the day before he
begins his new job as prison officer. He is rushed to the empty cell 211 and left to
come around. Meanwhile, inmates of the high security wing break free and riots
break out. When he awakes he realises he’s trapped and has to pretend to be a new
prisoner in order to survive… Engaging and intense, with striking performances by
the cast, the film won several Goya Awards from the Spanish Academy, including
Best Picture, Director, Actor and Supporting Actress. – London Spanish Film Festival

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Dir: Darragh Byrne
90 mins
Cert: 15A
Starring: Colm Meaney, Colin Morgan, Milka Ahlroth
Language: English
Fred lives a quiet, isolated life in his car, having lost all hope of improving his
situation. That all changes when he forms an unlikely friendship with Cathal, a dope-
smoking 21-year-old with a positive attitude, who becomes his ‘neighbour’. Sharing
laughs, and the hard times too, Fred and Cathal discover the simple, free pleasures
of life.

Cathal is determined to make Fred sort his life out, and it works. Fred modifies
his car, beats the welfare system and makes a friend in Jules, an attractive music
teacher who lives alone nearby. But Fred struggles with his pride to tell Jules about
his ‘home’, and Cathal’s life is threatened by his escalating drug habit. As they grow
closer, the influence of these three outsiders on each other will change their lives.

Warm, funny and touching, Parked is a triumphant story of friendship, hope, and
perseverance. – Galway Film Fleadh 2011

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