Season 11-Autumn 2013

In October we will be back with more films!

A quick overview on what you might need to know about coming to the film club. We will be showing films on October 4th, Nov 1st and Dec 6th. We screen our films at Desmond Comples. Our films start at 8pm however we have refreshments available beforehand so it may be worth arriving a little earlier if you would like a cuppa or a glass of wine.

Entry fee is 7 euros. You don’t have to commit to coming to other films, people are welcome on a per film basis. You don’t have to register in advance, you can just arrive on the night.

And now for the films we are showing this season.

All You Need Is Love Friday Oct 4th 8pm

Director Suzanne Bier. 116 mins. English, Danish, Italian.

A hairdresser who has lost her hair to cancer finds out her husband is having an affair, travels to Italy for her daughter’s wedding and meets a widower who still blames the world for the loss of his wife.

I Wish. Friday 1st Nov 8pm

Director Hirakazu Koreeda. 129 mins. Japan 2011.
This film tells the stories of two young brothers(real life brothers) who are separated as a result of their parent’s divorce and living in different cities. They dream of being reuninted. The film won the Best Director award at the 2012 Asia Pacific Film Festival.

Come As You Are (Hasta La Vista) Fri Dec 6th 8pm

Director Geoffrey Enthoven. 115 mins. Belgium 2011.
Three men with disabilities embark on a coming of age roadtrip to Spain. Winner of many Audience Awards including the European Film Awards 2012. Here is a recent review from Tara Brady

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