Let 2017 Bring Great Film

Happy New Year to you all. A couple of weeks in and perhaps the resolutions are beginning to wane already. At Newcastle West Film Club however we stick to ours-to bring great film to the community. We hope this will be another year of doing this successfully. We want to show films you will be glad you saw, that make you think or that you will remember next year. Our favourite moments are when audience members tell us about a film, maybe from a few years ago, that they loved. This doesn’t mean that it was a ‘lovely film’ or a comedy that made them laugh. But there was a quality about the film that stuck with them. And we love that we were part of providing that experience. And we hope to provide more in 2017.

The practical information. We screen at Desmond Complex. Entry is €7 and is for over 18s only. The venue is wheelchair accessible and an audio loop is provided. For further information you can email ncwfilmclub@gmail.com or phone 087 6877970.

So to see us through until April!


I Daniel Blake. Friday 3rd Feb 2017. 8pm

Director: Ken Loach.100 minutes, UK/France/Belgium, 2016, Language: English.

Newcastle carpenter Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is recovering from a recent heart attack. He
finds himself fighting a welfare system where his benefits will be taken away unless he looks for work, despite doctor’s orders preventing him from working if he does find a job.
As he battles against this absurd bur eaucracy, Daniel befriends Katie (Hayley Squires), a young single mother with two kids, who is also struggling with the system after relocating to Newcastle from a London homeless shelter. Deserving of its recent Palme d’Or win (the second for its director), Loach and long-time collaborator screenwriter Paul Laverty,
deliver a powerful work of quiet outrage that is at turns intensely moving, darkly
humourous and deeply heartbreaking.
The Fencer. Friday 3rd March 2017. 8pm
Director: Klaus Haro. 99 mins, Finland, Estonia, Germany, 2015, Language: Estonian, Russian, Armenian.
In the early 1950’s, champion fencer Endel Nelis, takes up a teaching position in a
remote Estonia School. Initially standoffish and unwilling to engage, he eventually
warms to the traumatised children of the school, many of whom have been left orphaned by the war or the Soviet occupation. Realising that the children need an outlet for hope and self expression he decides to teach them how to fence and indoing so becomes a father figure for them. But Endel harbours a secret, he is on the run from the Soviet Police and he eventually has to make a decision-to keep teaching and risk everything or to keep running. Based on actual events, this redemptive drama has universal appeal.
Viva. Friday 7th April 2017. 8pm
Director : Paddy Breathnach. 100 minutes, Ireland/Cuba, 2015, Language: Spanish.
Jesus (Héctor Medina) a shy, delicate, struggling hairdresser finds a genuine opportunity to enrich his life when he is given the chance to perform as a Drag Artist. But when Jesus’
abusive estranged father returns, he forcefully forbids the young man from performing.
Jesus must decide to either fulfil his potential or wilt under the dictate of his father. What unfolds is a bittersweet story of pain, regret, and reconciliation, as the two men learn to know and respect each other for the first time.Featuring boisterous and often heart breaking drag performance, Paddy Breathnach’s Oscar-shortlisted crowd-pleaser is a tender and compassionate tale of finding one’s true voice.
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