Sully-Access Cinema May Film Tour to Coincide with Bealtaine Festival

Another year another May film. We are always delighted to take part in the May Film Tour which is curated by Access Film to coincide with the Bealtaine Festival. In line with the festival films are selected with an older audience in mind. There is no entry fee to see this film. This years offering will be Sully. Staring Tom Hanks. Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney this is based on a true story that is probably within your recollection but you may not have heard what happened after.
On January 15, 2009, just moments after takeoff, US Airways Flight 1549 made a forced water landing in New York City’s icy cold Hudson River. The poise and skill of Captain Chesley ”Sully” Sullenberger ensured the safety of all 155 passengers and crew. Shortly after, investigators used computer simulations to charge Sullenberger and his co-pilot with having put the passengers and the plane needlessly at risk. Clint Eastwood, working from a superbly structured script by Todd Komarnicki, tells the story of Sullenberger’s multiple ordeals with economy and precision, achieving a tone that echoes its
protagonist’s grace under pressure. In 40 years of cinematic storytelling, Eastwood has been obsessed with the mysterious coexistence of the heroic and the ordinary. In Tom Hanks, he has found the perfect performing partner—sober, self-deprecating, self-effacing to embody that theme. Excellent support comes from Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney.

Desmond Complex is an accessible venue and an audio loop is available in the screening room. Over 18s only.

Sully. Friday 18th May. 8pm

Director: Clint Eastwood. US. 2016. Language: English. 96 minutes. 

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